Silent Features Kali Gandaki

Kaligandaki Gorge 164 MW Salient Features


Name of the Project                                                   Kaligandaki Gorge Hydropower Project

Name of the River                                                      Kaligandaki

Type of Scheme                                                         Run of River

Project Location                                                          Thasang and Annapurna Gaunpalika

District                                                                         Mustang

Zone                                                                            Dhaulagiri

Development Region                                                  Western

Latitude                                                                       280 31′ 15″ N to 280 36′ 15″ N

Longitude                                                                    830 37′ 15″ E to 830 40′ 00″ E

Nearest Town                                                             Beni Bazaar

Access                                                                        Gravel /Earthen road


Catchment Area                                                         3,570 sq km

Average Precipitation                                                 647 mm

Long Term Average Flow                                           42.11 m3/s

Minimum Monthly Flow                                              12.03 m3/s

Design Discharge (Q31)                                              39.07 m3/s

Design Flood Discharge at Intake (1:100)                  586.41 m3/s

Design Flood Discharge at Powerhouse (1:100)        723.19 m3/s


Height above River Bed                                             3.0 m

First Phase Cofferdam Length                                   150.0 m

Second Phase Cofferdam Length                              165.0 m

Headworks and Intake Structures

Weir Type                                                                   Free Flow Ogee Weir

Weir Water Way Length                                             40 m

Undersluice Water Way Length                                  2 no x 5.0 m

Crest Elevation of Weir                                               1870.36 m

Crest Level of Undersluice                                         1861.89 m

Crest Level of Intake                                                  1867.89 m

Undersluice Gates and Stoplogs                                2 no x 5 m x 10 m


Design Discharge                                                       39.07 m3/s

Type                                                                            Side Intake

No of units                                                                   4

Length and Size                                                          3.5 m x 1.7 m

Gravel Trap

Type                                                                            Underground, Vertical Flushing

No of Units                                                                  2

Dimension (Length x Width)                                       20.0 m x 8.0 m

Normal Flow Depth                                                     4.90 m

Particle Size to be settled                                           >2 mm

Spillway Length                                                           20.0 m

Length of Flushing Tunnel                                          93 m

Size of Flushing Tunnel                                              2.5 m x 2.0 m


Type                                                                            Underground, Vertical Flushing

No of Units                                                                  2

Dimension (Length x Width)                                       134 m x 16 m

Normal Flow Depth                                                     8.87 m

Inlet Transition Length                                               30 m

Outlet Transition Length                                             18 m

Particle Size to be settled                                           > 0.2 mm

Length of Flushing Tunnel                                          270 m

Size of Flushing Tunnel                                              2.5 m x 1.3 m

Headrace Tunnel

Shape                                                                         Excavation (Horse Shoe), Lining (Circular)

Diameter of Tunnel up to Manifold                             3.20 m

Length of Tunnel up to Manifold                                 38 m

Diameter of Tunnel after Manifold                              4.5 m

Length                                                                         6.10 km

Invert level of Tunnel Inlet                                         1860.36 m

MOL at Tunnel Inlet                                                    1867.94 m

Type of Lining                                                             Shotcrete, Concrete

Surge Tank

Diameter                                                                    12 m

Height                                                                         41 m

Level of Surge Tank Crown                                       1885.80 m

Steady State Water Level                                           1860.58 m


Diameter                                                                     3.8 m

Length                                                                         1470 m

Branches near turbine                                                8 nos

Diameter of Each Branch                                           1.30 m


Type                                                                            Semi-Underground

Dimension                                                                   61 m x 61 m x 33 m

Floor Elevation                                                            1350.85 m

Invert Level of Tailrace                                               1335.25 m


Type of Turbine                                                         Vertical Axis, Pelton

Number of Units                                                        8

Turbine Axis Level                                                     EI 1342.75 m

Installed Capacity                                                      164 MW

Net Head                                                                   511.05 m

Turbine Efficiency                                                      91 %

Transformer Efficiency                                              96 %

Generator Efficiency                                                  96 %

Overall Efficiency                                                       83 %

Tailrace Canal

Type                                                                            Rectangular

Size                                                                             4 m x 3.5 m

Length                                                                         400 m

Invert Level of Tailrace Outlet                                    1334.45 m

Tail Water Level (1:1000 Years Flood)                       1333.95 m


Size                                                                             93 m x 67 m

No. of Transformers                                                   8

Transmission Line

Transmission Voltage                                                 220 kV

Line Length                                                                 1.5 km

Connection Point                                                        Dana Sub-station NEA


Type                                                                            3 Phase, Oil Immersed

Rating                                                                          25.625 MVA

Frequency                                                                   50 Hz


Rating                                                                          25.625 MVA

Speed                                                                          750 rpm

Number of Poles                                                         3

Frequency                                                                   50 Hz

Rated Voltage                                                             11 kV

Power and Energy

Installed Capacity                                                       164 MW

Dry Season Energy                                                    144.58 GWh

Wet Season Energy                                                    686.48 GWh

Total Energy                                                               831.06

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